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Let's Make Joseph Pilates proud. Join us to talk about how to get into and sticking with a regular Pilates routine. Team Members: 52 Team Goals: Pilates
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Posted by allyd1959

Hi, to all pilates-does, goes team, I back (clap-clap-clap and thank you). Reason Im cheering myself on! Ive still recovering thro spinal cancer and nothing is gonna get me down. Im back on form, opened a Pilates Studio with clients with splinal, neck etc., problem is we so full of negotive (eg. "Im so fat, no time, the bus was late, left my gym clothes at home daah! daah!) To me their is no excuse (unless you died on your way?). Ive doubled my pilates exercise, with no pain on my spine (my doctor can't believe how Im going from strength to strength).

So, my message to the wonna, DON'T GIVE UP, BEFORE YOU BEGUN OK. Try it 1st for at least  21 days.


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Wow wonderful news….. You back into the form. I hope you will be recovering completely very soon. 

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