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Let's Make Joseph Pilates proud. Join us to talk about how to get into and sticking with a regular Pilates routine. Team Members: 52 Team Goals: Pilates
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Posted by allyd1959

Hi Pilates-doers Team, Firstly I new on this site, to tell you all, I feel kinda silly (stupid) being here. I have NEVER been on a Pilates site before.

Well! I fully qualified on must exercise programmes e.g. Pilates, Callanetics, yoga, Karate, Martial arts and meditation.

Please, who-gives-who advise on the doers team.

Love to help where I can.



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hi i am abhishek ur name plz
hi allyd i want to start exercising its long over due ive heard abt pilates bt i have medical condition that gives me pain in my muscles and joints im really intrested in starting exercising ! ty
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