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Pilates Quote: Functional Movement by Aliesa George Patient Expert Hard work doesn’t always have to be hard…  By training efficient functional movement habits, so that all muscles are properly developed and working harmoniously together, ... Read on »
Pilates Quote: Contrology by Aliesa George Patient Expert Contrology is such a cool word and aptly describes the power and benefits of the Pilates Method. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the benefits of complete coordination of bod ... Read on »
Pilates Quote by Aliesa George Patient Expert This Pilates quote is one of many powerful phrases or “words of wisdom” that Joseph Pilates shared in his book Return to Life.  It’s an interesting concept to contemplate. ... Read on »
Pilates Quote: Joseph Pilates by Aliesa George Patient Expert How sad and true is this quote from the book Your Health written by Joseph Pilates in 1934! The human body is an amazing machine…but we are so focused on our gadgets, comp ... Read on »
Pilates Quote: Vitality by Aliesa George Patient Expert What does Vitality mean to YOU? Vitality defined: The state of being strong and active; energy. Exuberant physical strength or mental vigor. The Capacit ... Read on »
Improve Your Health with Vitality Pilates and Fitness! by Aliesa George Patient Expert Health Improvement thru Movement! I’m very excited to announce the opening of my NEW Pilates studio in Wichita, Kansas! Vitality Pilates and Fitness . 9099 ... Read on »
Pilates Quote: Habits by Aliesa George Patient Expert Are your Habits helping or harming your health? Our daily actions and the choices we make directly reflect in how we feel, look, act, think.  Our habits reflect whether we ... Read on »
Pilates Quote: Pilates Mat Exercises by Aliesa George Patient Expert Pilates Mat exercises (or any other form of physical activity) can be an excellent way to refresh the body and relax the mind.  Adequate rest and getting a good night’s sl ... Read on »
Probiotics – What You Need to Know by Mariska Breland, Fuse Pilates Lucia Litman is back with another guest blog post. Lucy is a native Minnesotan, but has lived in DC for the past 7 years. She is an avid Fuse Pilates DC student and you wi ... Read on »
Queens Pilates Instructors are Blazing a Trail by NTrainers There are now more options for those looking for Queens Pilates instructors. In recent years, it was nearly impossible for anyone looking for a good Pilates class to find an ... Read on »