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What Can Physically Cause Sciatica

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:02pm 1 Comment

If you are plagued by the electricity of sciatica, you may have asked "why?" a hundred times. There are a few definite physical causes of sciatica. Are there mental causes of sciatica, too? That's for a future post!

Like I've stated in my other posts about sciatica, see your doctor for help in finding out the cause of your pain. There isn't much use in trying to figure it out yourself, because you can guess but you never really will know. Doctors have tools and methods designed for literally looking at your spine to see what is going on. If you have any herniations or bulging disks, pressure could be placed on the sciatic nerve in your lower back, thereby causing pain all the way down the back of your leg.

There are so many causes of disk problems and your chances of someday herinating a disk are actually high. Lifting a heavy load improperly, or suddenly moving your body in a way that seems simple can trigger a herinated disk.

Another cause of sciatica is Piriformis Syndrome, or an excessive tightness of the periformis muscle (a muscle in your butt) that is in effect, squeezing your sciatic nerve as it passes through.

Imbalances such as scoliosis or different types of pelvic tilts can also cause strain on the nerve.

Sitting/slouching or driving for a long period of time can trigger sciatic pain.

Sleeping on a too-soft or uneven mattress can also cause sciatica.

You may have looked into all these possibilities, and found that correcting these things has no effect on relieving your pain.

Some people visit their doctors, undergo many tests and procedures, and are told there is nothing wrong with them. If this has happened to you, it can be very frustrating because you KNOW you are in pain, there is obviously something wrong. In cases like this, it could be your biomechanics that are causing sciatica- the way you incorrectly walk, stand, or move about your day just builds up until its painful.

These are some simple explanations as to why you are in pain. Notice that a lot of these causes are actually bad habits. The real question is, WHY am I doing these things that cause the pain?

Understanding how your pain came to exist can help you figure out how to treat yourself and eventually find relief. In my next post, I'll mention some reasons why these positions of your body can cause you pain, and what you can do right now to help yourself. Read more!

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