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Too Inflexible for Pilates?

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:02pm

The other day I was talking with a friend who said that her boyfriend didn't think he should come to a pilates class "because he isn't flexible". We had to laugh a little, because we both know that is WHY he should come to a pilates class!

I do see his point of view though, if he feels inflexible, how could he do the exercises with any ease in front of other people who are presumably more flexible than he is?

If you feel as though you are too stiff to do pilates, try coming to a beginner's class, or to a private lesson to start. You will feel more comfortable, you can learn how to do the exercises, and find out if there are any modifications you can use while your body becomes more flexible and your range of motion increases.

Soon, and with practice, you won't need to modify exercises anymore. Your body will become more flexible.

Another nice thing is, at Rhinebeck Pilates, other people in the classes are friendly and supportive to anyone who is new and feeling slightly insecure about their flexibility. Look at the people around you as an inspiration for what pilates can do for you.

Everyone once started in the same place, as a total beginner!

In your first class, you will notice that no one is looking at you during the hour, everyone is focusing on themselves. And if you do look around, you will notice that not everyone is perfect, and that's ok! As my friend Caroline says, "If you're seeking perfection, we might as well stop right here".

Once you let go of worrying whether or not you could be any good in a pilates class, you can give yourself permission to go and find out what can be done about increasing your range of motion, flexibility, and challenging your expectations towards your own body.

As soon as you let your guard down, you just might find out that you are more flexible than you thought. Read more!

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