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Sublime Home Spring Green Cleaning Challenge

Posted Apr 09 2012 12:39am

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How have the last two weeks of epic challenges been for you? Did you detox your beauty routine and simplify your nutrition ? This week is all about your sublime home environment. Bali’s aesthetic beauty motivated me to Feng Shui my San Francisco space just in time for Spring.

If I had more time on the island I would have shipped back a few wooden bedroom pieces, more vibrant fabrics and hand carved Shiva and Ganesh statues. Ubud is the art capital of Bali with beauty built into every wall, sidewalk, home and garden. Inspiration was everywhere! On the plane ride home I dreamt up a few ways to sustainably infuse my apartment with the tropics.

Since landing I’ve green cleaned with natural biodegradable cleaners, cleared my closets and bags of excess and bought a few orchids at the farmers market. I whole heartedly committed to resurrecting my space to serve my highest intentions.

Here are a few special ways to green clean your bedroom for ultimate energy flow.

1.) Clear The Air- Burn sage or light scented soy candles, open the windows and blinds, vacuum, dust and fluff pillows. Just fluffing my down comforter and putting clean sheets on the bed make a world of difference.

2.) Green Your Scene - Just like your dinner plate, the more greens the better! Buy a few green plants to keep your air fresh and increase personal growth energy in your life. Palms, bamboo, money trees, and orchids are awesome choices. Succulents rule for those of us with light green thumbs.

3.) Just Add Water- I always say eat and drink your fresh spring water. Furthermore, seeing and hearing the element of water has a grounding, soothing effect on our central nervous systems. Add blue hues, and smooth, round objects. I have several wave paintings from Bali on my walls and just added a fountain by the door to keep positive energy moving throughout the house. Bonus = a cup of steaming camomile tea on the night stand.

4.) Use Intention- Why are you donating half of your clothes to charity? Why did you chose a minimal purple chair? Be mindful of the choices you make in your space. Every color, shape and position of objects in your home effect the energy flow. By decluttering, green cleaning, fixing broken things, balancing the five elements (wood, earth, metal, fire and water) you are intending your space to positively effect you. Feng Shui basics are easier than you think and make a gigantic impact.

My next quest is to make or find a canopy like the one I slept under at Soul Shine. Am I the only one who wants to sleep like a Balinese princess every night?

How do you green clean your space to insure positive energy flow and mental clarity? Are you up to the challenge inspired by Aveeno this week?

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by AVEENO via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of AVEENO.

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