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Sore to the Core

Posted by Lela D.

I just did a Pilates class yesterday and WOW am I sore! That was a great workout, although it didn't really seem so at the time. I took class at a really nice studio that had all the equipment, and that did make a difference on many of the exercises. I may just break out those old Mari Windsor DVDs!
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Being sore to the core can be such a fabulous feeling. It makes you know that you have really done something.
I have never done Pilates but it seems to be a popular workout. Sound really good too. It's fun to do exercises that don't feel like exercises at the time! A lot more motivating than doing something tedious and overly challenging.
Pilates works the inner muscles and really engages the whole body. No wonder you are sore. I am strictly interested in pure pilates class.
I swear by Pilates. I do the Rael System 17. It's so relaxing when you do it that you don't even feel like you're working out . Then the next day, watch out. You'll feel it every time you breathe.
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