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Pilates Chair

Posted by Kenna M.

I am doing research for a quick article on using the pilates chair for one of the 75 movements you can do on the chair. I never knew that pilates had equipment like a chair. I thought it was all floor work.

Have you ever used a pilates chair?

If so, what is it like? Is the chair worth the cost?

I asked an instructor at my gym about the pilates chair. She was very familiar with the program. She mentioned that our gym is planning on investing in the equipment.

I can't wait to check it out and see what the stuff is all about.

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The first piece of pilates equipment that Joseph Pilates invented was the Reformer. It was a big piece of equipment, so he later invented the Wunda Chair, also known as The Chair. The Chair was meant to be a mini-Reformer, or a Reformer for a NYC apartment. Many of the Chair exercises are equivilant to and based on Reformer exercises.

I wrote a post about the Chair on my blog,

Here it is:

I hope this was helpful!

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