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Posted Aug 24 2008 9:44pm

"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"

That is Sir Isaac Newton's third law of motion, which sums up the essence of pilates movement. We sometimes overly focus on the aspect of "drawing into the abdominals" during pilates, as if that is the most important part of every exercise. Connecting into the core is very important, but it must be balanced out by the realization that, for every action, there is always an equal and opposite action that occurs.

It is this balance of actions that creates the "pilates body" that we're all trying to achieve!

Here is a list of exercises, with some thoughts on balanced actions, equal and opposite:


Stomach Series: abdominals draw in as the inner thighs stretch out

Hundreds: Inner thighs wrap together as the collar bones open

Magic Circle Inner Thigh Squeezes: Inner thighs press in, low back is wide

Side Kicks: Top leg stretches out long as the spine stretches out through the top of the head


Footwork: Abdominals draw in and up, inner thighs reach into the footbar

Running: One ankle lowers, the other ankle lifts

Long Stretch Series: The midline pulls through the arms as the shoulder blades slide down the back

Elephant: Heels come under as the abs scoop up


Leg Springs: Palms push into the bars as the inner thighs reach out

Standing Chest Expansion: Arms press back, arches of the feet move forward

Push Through: Heels reach forward as abdominals scoop back

Mermaid: Spine stretches up and over as the outer hip drops


Leg Pumps: Hamstrings press down as the spine lifts up

Pull ups: Abs scoop up as the head drops between arms

Going Up Front: Inner thigh lowers as the spine stretches up

Push Ups: Spine stretches out as the elbow bends back


Short Box: Abs scoop back as tail bone drops down

Hamstring Stretch: Hip plugs back as the heel stretches away

Thigh Stretch: Thigh drops down as the spine stretches up

Swimming: Spine stretches out as the tail bone stretches back Read more!

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