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New Instructor Question!

Posted by LMom78

I am a new pilates teacher and I was wondering how to add some excitement to my classes. I am a little nervous that I will bore my students. I know that pilates is more about technique and doing it right, quality not quantity! How can I keep my students from thinking they are coming back to the same thing every week?
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Hi new pilates teacher, 1st off your not a teacher your a Fitness Instructor in Pilates. When I started I was just as scared as you. If you are running your own Pilates class! How I started off.. remember everyones names <very important>, their ailgments <back, neck, obesity etc.,> put that into consideration very very import. Work out a Pilates exercise programmes that suite all your clients (not yours ok) what works for your clients as they are all special regards. Talk to them (thats get input from your clients). Incorporate all their needs into one good pilates workout. Put your clients in different rows of the mat/ball so you can keep a special eye on the clients with cronic ailgments (don't be scared to go off your centre mat to help). My fravour at the end of the week, I get my clients to chose what they would like in the pilates exercises (so it becomes their day & fun) and it helps you understand your clients more. Remember never be hard or try push them, they know their limits and body.
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