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Look Out at the Horizon

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:02pm

I used to work at Body Tonic, a pilates studio in Brooklyn. It was so nice for many reasons, and one of the best things about working there was learning from all the other pilates teachers around me. Jennifer DeLuca, owner of Body Tonic and one of my mentors at the time, used to tell me one thing in particular that has stuck with me over the years as being helpful to pilates and also meaningful in life:

"Look out at the horizon."

I think I used to have a habit of looking down alittle bit during exercises like the Teaser. I remember feeling like my neck was strained when I lifted my eyes to look forward. Despite that, Jennifer would still say, Look out at the horizon line.

The line of the horizon is at eye level, so looking out at the horizon is a good thing to remember when you're not sure where your eyes should fall.

This is true for every exercise- the Stomach Series, Pull-Straps on the longbox, Standing Arm Springs- everything. During these exercises, I will sometimes cue you to look in a very specific place, like your low abdominals or inner thighs. Ultimately, you should try to look out at the horizon. And the times when I don't mention where to look.... yes, look out at the horizon.

Just like I used to look down during the exercises, you can also look too far upwards. Looking too far up or down distorts the flow and direction of your spine, and of your mid line moving in and up.

Just like in daily life, look out at the horizon.... its the future, its the direction in which we are all moving, and its always visible if you remember to look for it.
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