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How To Create Longevity Now

Posted Oct 05 2011 1:29pm

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If you subscribe to my newsletter you know I hopped a plane this last weekend to sunny Los Angeles for the ultimate health conference of the year. The Longevity Now Conference , created by David Wolfe, brought together the top doctors and researchers on the forefront of nutrition and longevity. I held the golden ticket to all behind the scene interviews and information with my handy press pass.

Though I’ve read hundreds of books, articles and research papers on nutrition and health, it’s vital to stay current. We are never done learning. I can’t believe how many nutritionists and doctors I meet who still teach the food pyramid and counting calories. That’s just a sliver of the wellness pie. Learning from the brightest minds on the planet is my prerogative.

The impressive line up of 15 longevity experts included world famous author and health lecturer David Wolfe, #1 Best Seller Kevin Trudeau, Truth Calkins, Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden, Daniel Vitalis, and the creator of Health Force Nutritionals , Dr. Jameth Sheridan.

I had a blast meeting more passionate health nuts, exploring the booths and soaking in the lectures. Between the morning yoga classes, superfood tonic bar, expert interviews, bags of kale chips, pilates on the power plate, meeting new friends, and chugging shots of Vitamineral Green, I had a chance to jot down my highlights and compile the most vital information for you.

Favorite Exibitors:

Samples, samples and more samples. I ate my way around the exhibition hall with glee! From bulk bags of SunWarrior Protein, to superfood cacao balls, I hardly had to buy meals all weekend.

HealthForce Nutritionals - Dr. Jameth Sheridan has spent over 27 years developing his one of a kind superfood raw supplement line. As you guys probably know by now I use Vitamineral Green and Earth daily. Their mint vanilla maca rocks my morning smoothies too! I was super excited to try their new Zeolite clay that strips heavy metals out of the body. It was fabulous to finally hear Jameth speak in person. His endless energy, bulging biceps and passion for ultimate health are astounding.

Living Intentions RAW Snacks - This San Francisco based raw food company dazzles my taste buds every week with it’s hemp and spirulina buckwheat granola and curry spiced nuts. Luckily my local co-op, Rainbow Grocery, carries their superfood cereals in bulk.


Living Libations - Nadine Artemis heads up this profound line of organic raw skin care. She absolutely radiates! Her skin glows like nothing I have ever seen. It’s blaringly obvious she was born to create botanical alchemy. I added her natural toothpaste and sunscreen to my arsenal.

Nadine’s eloquent lecture re-instilled my desire to take ultimate care of my skin. Watch this short clip of her anti-aging, best skin ever tips.

Expert Highlights:

Each expert dazzled the audience with hours upon hours of information and fun. Who knew neti pot demo’s and heavy metal detox smoothies could be such a blast? My top two speakers were the infamous consumer advocate and corporate whistle blower Kevin Trudeau  and Dr. Jameth Sheridan.

Kevin spoke candidly about his extensive world travels and research with centenarians. What did he find? The three keys to longevity across all cultures are…

1.) Movement…primarily walking and hiking.
2.) Whole locally grown foods- no processed or GMO food from other lands,
3.) Positivity- taking life lightly, smiling and laughing a lot.

That sounds like move, nourish and be doesn’t it!

Kevin also spoke diligently about why people are sick. Nutrient deficiency, prescriptions drugs and lack of detox topped his list. We are living in the most toxic air, water and food supply ever known. He suggested quarterly cleanses to help rid the body of PCB’s, heavy metals, and free radicals.

When the punching bag and sword were set up on stage we knew Dr. Sheridan had quite a show planned. After an hour of seamless stories and facts we were cheering as he punched the hell out of the bag and stabbed it with the sword. A dramatic display of the importance of never giving up on your health.

His primary message “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!” He has seen too many extreme raw foodists and vegans fall into ill health or completely revert back to eating meat because they had an all or nothing mentality. Though he advocates a high raw vegan diet for every one, especially those with cancer, heart disease or other life threatening illnesses, he emphasizes that finding a balance with raw and cooked food for your unique body is key to longevity.

Amazing People:

The beauty of conferences like Longevity Now is that it connects so many like minds in person. I had the pleasure of meeting some of my online mentors and friends for the first time, while reconnecting with long time buddies.

The stunning Tera Warner from, Nadine Artemis from, Kevin Gianni and Ann Marie Gianni from The Renegade Health Show , The Raw Brahs , celebrity chef BeLive , Bethanne Wanamaker from , and Christian Bates from Wildbar . As always it was a hoot to catch up with and watch my buddy celebrity chef  Jason Wrobel  hit the stage with his heavy metal detox smoothie demo.

I left Sunday night on cloud nine, buzzing with energy and smiling ear to ear. After dining at Au Lac and other mouth watering raw restaurants, I was happy to come home and start a simple cleanse. Mono meals, green smoothies and fresh spring water are working their magic this week.

What are you doing today that will ensure you live long and happy?


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