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How does pilates work and what is its general focus?

Posted by Chris C.

What is Pilates?
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Pilates Focuses on the "Core". Pilates (invented by a guy named "Pilates") was originally developed for dancers. Pilates has become popular in recent years as a type of exercise that works to build strong abs (part of the "core" that is so focused on in Pilates). While traditional Pilates uses special machines to achieve results, "Mat Pilates" consists of a series of exercises you can do by yourself on a simple yoga mat. Many exercises in Mat Pilates are tough but effective abdominal exercises, and that's why Pilates is so popular these days. Pilates is often combined with yoga, and to the casual observer some Pilates exercises may be similar to yoga, but it's not the same thing. For one thing, the style of breathing is different. By adding Pilates to a yoga routine, however, you will get more defined abs and a stronger core.
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