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Posted Aug 25 2008 3:02pm

What are the goals of pilates? What are your goals with pilates?

When you ask yourself these questions, you may draw a blank. Or you may think, "To be thin!" or "To work my core". Everybody has different goals with pilates, which is so great, and the very nature of pilates makes that possible.

It is important to be aware of what your goals are so you can advance and work towards achieving what you desire.

What goals are possible with pilates? Greater full body flexibility, especially spinal flexibility is most definitely a goal with pilates. Increased core awareness, learning to truely access your core muscles, learning how to use your whole body to complete a movement. These are all the goals of pilates, and they were the goals of Joseph Pilates when he was creating his exercises and equipment.

There are other goals with pilates as well, mental goals. Learning to trust your teacher, learning to trust yourself during challenging exercises, learning that you don't know everything about your own body like you thought you did! Embracing these aspects of pilates can become goals- once you realize that you need to trust yourself more, you can work with that feeling not only in your pilates session but in daily life as well.

What about your personal goals, the reasons why you originally started practicing pilates? Do you like to try new things and get better at them? Are you recovering

from an injury or surgery and you're looking to regain strength? Do you want to meet new people and have fun exercising while making new friends? Do you want to increase all-over muscle tone and get your body ready for the summer?!

The key to enjoying pilates, sticking with it, and of course to achieve your goals is to realize what your goals really are.

No goal is more realistic or more noble than another, so don't be embarrassed to say what your goal is, even if it is just to be thin.

To quote my Saturday mat class, "We all have goals!". Read more!

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