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Exercise of the Month- Neutral Pelvis and the Abdominal Connection

Posted Feb 01 2010 5:52pm
This February, the exercise of the month is the abdominal connection and neutral pelvis that is used in pilates. Both of these are key aspects to doing pilates safely and effectively.

At the studio, we'll practice different warm up exercises that help us find neutal pelvis and different ways of finding the abdominal connection, in particular that oh-so-elusive low abdominal connection. Throughout class, we'll continue to focus on these two things during each exercise, finding the challenge of keeping a neutral pelvis and abdominals connected inward during exercises like leg springs, the stomach series, and exercises on the reformer.

When the pelvis is in neutral and abdominals are connected in, almost any pilates exercise is possible. When either of these is done improperly, the results could be low back pain, weak movements, and slow advancement in pilates.

Both of these aspects also help us in daily life in ways such as....

-sitting at a computer for long hours

-standing, travelling, and driving for long hours

-horseback riding

-low back pain and hip pain

-jogging, cycling, and walking more effectively

Here are some older posts I wroteNeutral Pelvis-

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