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Does Dancing Count as Working Out?

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:02pm

Since we got XM Radio at my house, we've been listening to it more often than we turn on the tv. Its new for us, so I guess its more entertaining than tv and less predictable.

Its also great because so many wild songs come on that Eric and I can't help but get up and dance together like two complete idiots.

Its hilarious, really fun, and I started wondering, does this count as a work out?

Of course it does. Its a great way burn off a little excess energy, laugh, get your heart rate up, and (if you live in close quarters like we do) work on your coordination skills. Its also the perfect way to try out those "signature" dance moves that aren't quite ready for the dance floor.

Another benefit of dancing is that it is a cardio work out, and any type of cardio is a great complement to your pilates practice.

If you're wondering how many calories you burn from aerobic dancing, here are some stats:

If you weigh...
130lbs - then you burn about 266-354 calories/hr
155lbs - then you burn about 317-422 calories/hr
190lbs - then you burn about 388-518 calories/hr

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