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Difference between pilates and yoga?

Posted by Shez B.

I am a yoga lover and have never tried pilates. What sort of benefits could I gain from pilates that I don't get from yoga?
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Hello Shez, I am a Pilates studio and owner. I am not going to stay that Pilates is better than Yoga - as both are excellent types of exercise that will tone and increase flexibility.

The emphasis in Pilates is core strengthening, body awarenes, alignment and control. There is no meditation involved, but Pilates does require focus on movement quality rather than quantity.

Joseph Pilates studied the yoga form and developed his mat exercise system based on a melding of yoga positions and calesthenics. The equipment he invented was to teach people how to move efficiently. His theory was that if they moved efficiently, they would be less prone to injury.

My recommendation is to give Pilates a try - and to possibly work with a knowledgeable Pilates instructor.

Good luck!

Hi! I think Mercy B was right on with everything she said. I am also a pilates studio owner, and a lot of my clients also do yoga. The two methods are nice compliments to each other.

Yoga and pilates are great ways of moving your body without impact. Pilates classes or private sessions will strengthen your whole body, just like yoga does, but the focus is different. Pilates is based on using your core muscles and a mind-body connection to do every exercise, and while yoga also focuses on these things, it is more spiritually based.

Many people mention that pilates is a lot like yoga, but without the chanting :)

That would depend on who you are, how you approach it, what your intention is and what you consider to be a "benefit".
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