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Crunch Super Slimdown Pilates Yoga DVD Review

Posted Feb 07 2008 3:36pm 2 Comments

Today I took a break from running (since it was raining anyway) and decided to do a different workout. I’ve done pilates and yoga before, but both combined is definitely a challenge. I rented this from Netflix, which by the way, is a great way to try out different workouts. This workout is by the people at Crunch and it’s called the Super SlimDown: Pilates Yoga Blend. This 42 minute workout is pretty easy to follow, especially if you’re trying out Pilates/Yoga for the first time, and it definitely is challenging! You will work out a sweat, because I did!

I was never into doing Pilates or Yoga but after hearing how it’s good for posture and balance, I decided to give it a try. After doing this workout, I know that I need to work on my core, which helps you to overall be able to balance and posture. I’ll definitely keep this DVD for a while, until I decide to actually buy it!

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Thanks for the review on this video. I just bought a small tv and dvd player for my spare bedroom to be able to workout in the mornings before school. It will cut down on a lot of travel time. So, I am always looking for great videos of all types. My favorite cardio videos right now are Taeboe. (Taebox? anyway.)

Taebo is definitely a great workout! Working out at home is so convenient, and you can always change it up with different types of videos. :)
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