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Can a Stay at Home Parent Be a Pilates Instructor?

Posted Dec 28 2012 11:36pm

New York Cityis consistently in the thick of America's Fittest Cities list every year.   Over the past ten years, the amount of activities for both adults and children has increased dramatically.   Because of that, places like Manhattan neighborhoods have more and more families raising children in the cities.   Both scenarios feed off each other.   In the fitness space, with the increase stay at home parents living in the city, there has been an increase in the number of personal training studios, cycling studios, yoga studios, and Pilates studios.   Many of these fitness enthusiastic parents are now exploring the opportunity of turning this passion into a profession.   Becoming a Pilates instructor is one avenue that makes great sense.


Your passions are the keys to your success. If you discover Pilates as a parent, you will quickly understand how the benefits of Pilates can benefit you as a parent.  Flexibility, muscle building, and the mind body connection are all things we can improve upon, which not only make us happier, but better parents.   Not only can a parent who enjoys Pilates teach the movements, but they can also speak to benefits of better mobility, reduced injury risk, and better skills to manage stress.


Some stay at homes moms and dads may wonder if they have the time to start a business.   Becoming a Manhattan Pilates instructor is the perfect place to start.   Since you schedule your own hours, you can work as much or as little as the day allows.   This is important, as the toddler years may limit your session availability, but in elementary school years, the hours will increase.   You will be glad you started when you did.   Plus, the marketing and business end of your Pilates business can be done during nap times or after the kids go to bed.


Finally, who doesn't want to make some extra money?   It isn't easy to give up a career, even if is to experience the joys of parenting.   While those parental joys will continue for years, many of these parents are career driven and desire to return to a position of making money, being successful running a business, and being a financial contributor to the family.   Combining a passion for Pilates Manhattan and entrepreneurship is a powerful recipe for achieving that.

 Whether you choose to go at it alone or to become part of a studio staff, being a Pilates Manhattan instructor is a great way for a stay at home mom, or dad, to edge their way back into the workforce. Manhattan Pilates can take place in all kinds of settings: homes, schools, fitness studios, gyms, and more. Start with the connections you already have and build from there.
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