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Why Is There an International Down Syndrome Coalition For Life?

Posted May 17 2010 1:02am

The IDSC For Life turned one year old in October!!  We missed the celebration, but are grateful for all that has gone on this year.  We would love to remind others, exactly why the IDSC For Life was born.

The IDSC For Life believes that ALL life is precious.  Many of us are parents of individuals who happen to have Down syndrome.  Most of us learned of the high termination rate of babies in utero, when our children were born.  Some of us found out that our children had Down syndrome while we were pregnant, and were pressured to abort the baby.  Some of us realized the extent to which the abortion issue is used by those who want to “clean out” the gene pool. 

What ever our path, it led us to turn to advocacy groups to ask them what they were doing about the termination rate of children who happen to have Down syndrome.  Unfortunately, the National Down Syndrome Society, the National Down Syndrome Congress, and the ARC, who all advocate for individuals who happen to have Down syndrome, informed all of us, that they had a position “to not have a position.”  All of these groups do wonderful things.  That is just a fact.  But there was a piece that was missing for our families.  We could not imagine that this issue was not a part of the conversation.  After all, it has been reported by many, that the rate of abortion for a baby who happens to have Down syndrome, is near 90%.  By far, this is the most discriminating act that is happening to individuals with Down syndrome today!

So, in light of this, the International Down Syndrome Coalition For Life was formed.  Our goals are to advocate in the womb and in the room!  We believe that ALL LIFE is precious!  We believe that taking a life because the child has an extra chromosome is a form of euginics.  We  believe that the dignity for a person begins when they are in the womb. 

We have very humble beginnings.  We are not looking to raise money.  We are hoping to rasie awareness of this tragedy.  We are trying to get resources into the hands of those who “bought the lie” that taking their child’s life was a good idea.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the women who did, because most of us know the pressure they were under to abort their child.  We are able to get them resources so they can begin the healing  journey.  We are here to support the families who believe with us that ALL life is precious, including the life of their family member or friend who happens to have Down syndrome. We are here to help connect the families who do not think they can raise a child who happens to have Down syndrome, but instead choose the adoption option!   And we are here, for the individuals who happen to have Down syndrome, who are part of our coalition, who are proudly pro life!  Their pro life voices are incredibly inspiring to ALL of us! 

We stand together, knowing that ALL life is indeed precious!

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