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Why I Blog

Posted Mar 12 2010 5:46pm

Last week, I told you where I get my inspirations, and the thought led me to a different process. It caused me to ask myself, "Just why do you blog?" In a series of thoughts that was supposed to appear in a series of posts for the week, I reasoned with myself. And here's why I blog.

Blogging makes me feel like I'm helping someone. In just the nam of this corner of the web, I would hope that you could infer that it is my goal to empower people and change lives through my writing and through the resources that I post here. With a week's sabbatical, I've really had time to think about why I write thhe things I do, and I can truly say that on the days I miss out on blogging or don't have anything to post, it's a void.

Academically, writing has always been one of my favorite (and best!) subjects and endeavors. I feel as though my written work is my compensation for my participation in sports and other intensely physical activities. I love getting my thoughts out, and my blog has helped me to write and achieve my dreams all at the same time. Though a blog isn't considered a publication, every time I click the "Publish Post" button, I feel as though the words and the thoughts in the post have been validated. They're perfect just the way they are; anyone can read them.

When I first began the blog in June 2009, I had a vision. A vision that I could assist those with disabilities and those parents who have children with disabilities by providing a resource. That's the way things started with a few personal insights, and then I began to slowly understand the value of social networking and true blogging. Twitter is my new favorite tool, and Facebook is a close second.

Upon declaring a major in music therapy this semester, I realized that there was a whole resource in blogging for music therapists and for future music therapists such as myself. The skills and insights that are brought through the blogosphere are astounding, and I have decided that I benefit even more from the connections I've made and the networking that has been established through my blog than most anything I could encounter.

Further, with my recent decision to attend medical school upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I have made connections with doctors all across the nation -- doctors who know my story, who are willing to lend a listening ear and a helping hand. Through Twitter, I have met several current medical students who offer insights into the days of medical school, rotations, clinicals, and everything in between. I blog so that they can see my passions, understand my heart, and know that medicine is my dream.

My blog has helped me to find myself, to discover and exercise my passions, and to open up to an entirely different network of friends across the country. On a personal note, I am able to effectively manage my emotions in a professional sense so that the things that worry me and preoccupy my mind -- the inner workings of medical school, playing certain instruments as a music therapist -- can provide a resource to someone else dealing with the same struggles.

All in all, I can't accurately count the ways my blog has helped me in all areas of my life.

I'd love to hear from you! What about you? Why do you blog?
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