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Wheelchair dealer head arrays, Seizure Report, Slamming a Healthy Cocktail, CT Scans, Archery, eBay Secrets,

Posted Nov 09 2012 12:00am

Time to get on the bus Alin
Well my dealer Dennis from Home Health Depot came on Tuesday and we talked over arrays and such and he gave me time to decide on a specific array. The decision is in, the Switch-It ALS array which will allow me a fourth switch to be placed wherever on my chair that is easily accessible to my movement. That is exactly like Chris’s array only one more proximity switch than his. I am looking forward to getting my hands on mine! err, head in mine!

Alright the official seizure report is out, it’s not much different from the unofficial record that was placed on my blog already but if your interested in looking at it hit the thumbnail below. Note: it says I said I had a ‘stoke’ the last night, it should say I suspected that a micro-stroke occurred the night before bowling. But you have to remember, these are incident reports, what’s filed is filed and done.

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I had a CT scan Wednesday. Also went to archery but forgot my camera. Oh well, gave Chris and me some time to have fun with each other. we were messing with each others chairs.

So Wednesday I had to call up eBay to sort out an unpaid item that got filed against my account that shouldn’t have. I had a wonderful service representative and I quickly made a reference to “I am the one who is liable to snipe you with two seconds left to go” from Weird Al’s “eBay” well the eBay rep was quick to answer my question of me asking if she ever heard it, she actually heard it during eBays customer service training you heard me training They actually play that song in all of the training classes, no it’s not really part of the curriculum per se she said but its a fun staple of the eBay training program. So thats pretty cool!

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