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What we go though as Disabled People - by Karen Lynn

Posted Aug 17 2009 10:07pm

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The hardest part about having a disability is that no one really take us seriously. It is like pulling teeth to be heard as we wish to be heard, and taken into consideration and regarded like the rest of the world. Too many times, we as "disabled individuals" are payed no attention too, ignored, over-looked, and "be programmed" to being nice little individuals, which turn into Convenient robots. This being, because they fear we will loose control and embarrass them. Thus, we who have Cerebral Palsy, a learning disability of Dyslexia, and or any other type of disability are; tossed a bone to keep us pacified, and are patronized, and are regarded as a problem, rather than a asset to our world and our community.

We too often are looked down upon rather than regarded as someone with importance, worth, or value and worthy of attention. We are plighted beyond words because it is easier to ignore our abilities to focus on details. Time and time again I have been aware of others viewing me as a helpless, victim, and not the intelligent, confident person, that I am. We find acceptance from the public and professionals when we are cute little children, and are not a threat to society. But we grow up, have a mind of our own, and desires to fill, that acceptance immediately fades away into nothingness!

Karen Lynn’s Biography
Karen Lynn is a native Californian. She was born perfectly normal, and paralyzed at 5 months old due to a DPT shot. This shot put her in a coma, leaving her severely disabled, however, miraculously, she made an almost complete recovery. This shot, left her with; left-side hemiplegia, and dyslexia, Cerebral Palsy. Despite all odds, Karen went forth to triumph. She prevailed with her self-determined attitude. Karen made tremendous progress, and has left a mark on this world.
Karen not only learned to dance, but she soared. She was the first physically challenged person to search out, take on the system, and win the first Civil Rights Case in California. She gained an Associate of Arts degree in English, and she won second prize in the Kaleidoscope Literary Art Magazine international prose fiction art awards of 1983. Moreover, in 2006, this story, The Broken Hoof, was published by Publish America. She became a dance teacher in 1976, and has been mentoring special needs individuals since then. Karen has been on an un-ending journey to help others with disabilities. She has sat on the Executive Board of Protection and Advocacy Inc, and also the Clients Services Committee at Harbor Regional Center in Torrance, CA. Karen not only has her own website, but is a motivational speaker. She is a very caring, person, and is passionate about the work she does to help others.
buy Karen Lynn’s book at: - The Broken Hoof
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