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What To Do and Not Do With Email

Posted Apr 02 2011 2:21pm
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A new survey conducted by Yahoo! Mail shows the average adult is highly invested in email, regularly using 3 email accounts, 2 for personal use, and 1 for work use. (GUILTY, but I have more than three)

The Yahoo! survey also finds a growing number of adults are “hooked” to their email, with 2 in 3 adults checking their email as soon as they wake up, up from only 41 percent last year. (Ok, not as soon as I wake up.  I like to go potty and brush my teeth first.  I also don’t take my phone to my bed like many do, but I wouldn’t last an hour without checking my email.)

As shared on Today’s THV 2000 people were surveyed and some of the key findings are shared below.

  • 13 percent of adults think it is appropriate to end a relationship via email, IM, text. The study also shows that men are more likely than women to end a relationship via email, IM, text. (CRAZY!)
  • 1 in 5 people admit to having read their significant other’s email without their knowledge. (Nah, it’s boring.)
  • The majority of adults check email very frequently, with 48 percent checking their inboxes during meals. (Boy does this infuriate my husband)
  • You’re being judged: Many adults, especially women, have negatively judged someone based on an email, grammatical errors, or even an email address. (Guilty)
  • Most adults believe there is a finite period of time in which someone can respond to an email. When it comes to personal mail, 86% of adults think an email should not go more than a week without a response. (Definitely, but a week?!?! Never! I have a problem going more than 24 hours.)
  • 68 percent of adults check personal email while at work. (It’s all the same with me. One flows into the other because I am self-employed)

Are you guilty of these? Do you keep that special email account just for things you sign up for, like me?  What is your best email tip? Do you have a way to sort through all the information in order to get to what really counts? Share it with us.


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