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what is the cause of excesive stomach bloating and itching that turns to hives

Posted by mojo1

i started off with heartburn symptoms that were only brought on by stress. no medication would help the symptoms, with that came excessive bloating and discomfort in my lower stomach. i also started having a deep itch that quickly gave me hives, neck, head, feet and arms. i had a upper gi, ultra sound, went to the hospital cause i got very swollen and was having palpitations in the center of my chest. all tests have come back negative.  im not sure what else to do at this point.. i have been taking a digestive enzyme as well as acidophilus with minimal results. all of this brings extreme fatigue as well.. please help
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Im sorry to hear about this happening to you. And i m also sorry to say i dont have the answer. but i have experienced the same thing , exactly. I never actually contributed the bloating and heartburn to it but now these hives. on my arms hands and feet. Wat is it? starting to look pretty gross, good thing its cold out and i can cover most of it up. If you ever get any answers I'd love to know what you use for relief. Thanks for sharing your story, nice to know your not alone.


Sheena Stach

Red Deer, Ab, Canada

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