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what can be some complications of girdlestone surgery?

Posted by mrstuart75

my step-son has had surgery (girdlestone) about 3 weeks ago and is in absolute pain still --- we are racking our brains trying to figure out what could be causing this...does anyone know of any complications from the surgery itself?  we had a phenomenal surgeon at Duke ... He is in a wheelchair and has TBI and CP like conditions from early child-abuse from biological parents (not us obviously)...
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Dear Mr Stuart

 I read your post with dismay, looked up TBI and CP and gasped.    I suspect most of us think that an operation fixes everything instantly, well, from personal experience ( age 18 months, bilateral CDH, no sockets or hips, six years of gas anaesthesia then attempting to walk at age 7, I can categorically say that the general person has no idea how traumatic surgery is.   I had a girdlestone in 1996 after 5 unsuccessful attempted Charnley ops, you name it, I've earned the T shirt.   I use a 4 inch raise (left) wheelchair, wall mounted round poles, crutches, walking sticks but the support of all helps to keep me going.  Most importantly for me, they don't treat me with pity or hold back on their humour, I would find that isolating.    I experienced pain for at least four months after each and every operation.   3 weeks is early days.

Please be patient, I know it's a big ask.    Don't worry or fret.    If I researched correctly, CP sufferers respond badly to stress in the environment.   I am sorry but I have no advice, suggest gently that you all enjoy each others' company and have as much fun as you can.   Life is precious.   I wish you and your family all the best

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