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What am I to expect with right side facial palsy following a serious car accident and how long does recovery generally take?

Posted by s_hunt10

I was in a serious car accident 9/29/09. The doctors don't believe the facial palsy is permanent because I didn't come into the trauma unit with it. It developed within 2 days. They believe it's a nerve that's being affected. They aren't sure how long this will last. I've been told it just depends on how long it takes for my body to recover. However in the meantime what generally happens in facial palsy recovery and how long does it take nerves to recover?
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hey i was just going through the blogs. I was reading your comment and i hope your doing well now.

Let me know if someone has taken care of you, or if your going to any sort of clinic.

My name is moe im acutally a car accident benfit consultant, I help my clients get the benfits which they are eligable of and help them recover from their injuries.

I dont charge any fees i gave free information and guide them what to do. If you are still interested please let me know.


Thank You



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