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Weekend of Silence. Radio is down. Why? Why the silence?

Posted Sep 03 2012 12:00am
No Radio

No Radio

Why has my radio been offline since Friday evening? Why is it not coming back until after the Laborday Weekend? Why is it going to be observing ‘Silent Weekends’? Is going bankrupt?

Shaddup!!! That cuts it! Alinssite is not going bankrupt! But Alinssite supports foreedom of data exchange and freedom of music. But slowly the internet is being eroded by US Authorities who do not support this. Supposedly in the name of ‘Copyright and Intellectual Property protection’ A lot of internet radio stations are being shut down by the US Authorities, with it being especially easy to shut down solo radio stations. Like mine! Does this make me a dissident? Possibly. While I respect civil requests to stop broadcasting a specific song because it requires a license I will not partake in the grand scheme that the RIAA and MPAA have going to milk online radio into bankruptcy. In fact thousands of internet radio stations shut down each week due to this supposed ‘licensure’ that they have to pay to broadcast EACH SONG to EACH LISTENER who tunes in for over One minute. Every 60 seconds an online radio station is running they have to pay per listener. For a moderately listened to station like mine that averages 0-10 continuous listeners its disasterous because I make no money off of it. Let’s calculate this off of the extreme end of my listeners, let’s say I have 10 listeners for 24 hours a day every month. Lets do some easy math now! In that single day I would be required under the current draconian regulations to pay ASCAP and a few other royalty collection agencies 1 dollar per day for 10 listeners. That doesn’t sound that bad until you multiply it by 1 year, thats over 365 dollars. And that does not account for growth of listeners, if I were to double my listeners for a year it would double my fee. Imagine all those radio stations online that are non profit that have 100 listeners or so. Do the math yourself, these numbers are making me sick to the stomach. Thats just licensing out of the way, that does not include the administrative or tech cost of having to bring your system into compliance with the licensing bodies requirments, and setting up EDI, Electronic Data Interface with them  and maintaining that connection 24 hours a day making sure it does not go down for a single minute. This is not how internet radio was or is for many broadcasters. Many broadcasters especially small ones like me dont pay these licensing fees. Why? Because they are killer and draconian and dishonorable. A terrestrial radio station, the kind you tune in on a FM radio, pays a flat rate license regardless of listeners or broadcast hours per month.

The US Authorities started becoming increasingly an enemy of mine ever since the great Megaupload shutdown. Being the fact they were part of the drafting body of ACTA which is a supposed ‘Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement’ which is actually nothing but the SOPA ‘Stop Online Piracy Act and PIPA ‘Protect IP Act’ which both were failed ‘piracy’ bills that would have even worse ramifications than what the government is doing right now on super steroids by giving the US Authorities unilateral control over any country that is a member of said treaty. Thankfully the treaty failed to be ratified by the European Union, which I think is the end of it’s life, I think ACTA is dead, just like SOPA and PIPA died.

The situation only seems to get worse as US Authorities go around shutting down more and more places. I lost track of all the places that they recently shut down but just head over to  and they have a whole um, graveyard.

This all being said it’s not about piracy anymore, it’s about control, and MONEY! I put MONEY in bold for a reason. RIAA and MPAA are money hungry. Artists are overly money hungry saying they don’t make enough. When’s the last time you saw a music artist in any type of poverty? I will tell you Probably NEVER. You never will either at the rate the government is going with RIAA and MPAA buying the governments power.

Good thing is, my radio will continue to run as usual. Just there will be at certain weekends as I choose a ‘Silent Weekend’ and a link to this post will be on the front. Don’t wory though! Alinssite Radio ain’t going ANYWHERE! CAPICHE…. Good.

Now y’all run along and enjoy ya Labor Day festivities and come back and listen to the radio on Tuesday morning when it comes back online!

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