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Posted Oct 14 2009 10:03pm
I come from Zimbabwe which is in the Savanna region. Lots of umbrella shaped trees, temperature usually between 12 and 22 degrees celcius. There are three main seasons, which are summer, winter and spring. Zimbabwe is a land locked country with a lot of resort areas and tourist site. A lot of wild life and space for leisure.

Now when i came to Egypt, i knew i was going to the Sahara desert but i under estimated everything. I came at a time when seasons were changing from winter to summer and so the first 6 - 8 ok in terms of the temperatures. Now came June and July 2009..... Ohhh, the temperatures were very high here, if i might say. They usually range from the mid 30s to the mid 40 degrees celcius (95-113 degrees fahrenheit). I had to sleep with the air conditioning on. I also had to be drinking lots of water for most part of the day to replace the one leaving through sweating.

As we went into winter the time had to be changed and we had to add an hour. They said when its winter the time is deducted by an hour also. The sun would dawn early in the morning around 4am and set late at night around 8pm. At around 9am when people are starting their work, it will be scoarching hot. These are the sought of temperature when opening the window is not advisable, as the hot air will be getting in the house or even in the car. Besides the temperature, i was faced with the fine Sahara dust that feels the air. The dust is so fine and settles on the furniture and everything in the house requiring a lot of dusting around. I was told the dust was from the desert and the fact that Cairo, was surrounded by hills of sand. During the first four or so weeks i felt ithy every time i went outside the apartment or out side the comfot of the buildings. I thought this was a mild allergy to the very fine desert sand. As time went on this itchiness subsided and now i am ok, i no longer experience it.
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