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Visit from Greg… Check, Invent a mount for cell phone on wheelchair and use it at Chicago Auto Show 2012… Check Get

Posted Feb 12 2012 12:00am
Greg strapped in and ready to go :( All of us in coats LOL

Greg strapped in and ready to go :( All of us in coats LOL

Man what a busy week. Monday one of my friends from NWSRA Bowling that I met in 2008  came over to visit. I have not seen Greg for a very long time; in fact, he was in a totally different wheelchair the last time I saw him., and he had a different phone and different tech. He now has an iPhone 4, and a Levo Combi wheelchair that is pretty cool, allows him to stand up and all that. My Permobil can do that too but I can’t get that stuff installed because of the amount of positioning straps I have on my wheelchair and because of my low muscle tone. The standing function doesn’t work with moulded seating systems either, Greg’s system is a very basic seating system but none the less his chair is really cool. We had a fun time together talking geeky gadgetry also me and him brain stormed the idea for me to get my cell phone mounted onto my wheelchair.

Sending a text of success to Greg

Sending a text of success to Greg

Tuesday. Yeah! That’s my cell phone mounted on my Mount-N-Mover. What I did was pretty simple, I attached a pressure adhesive strip of hook and loop a.k.a industrial Velcro fastener to my Mount-N-Mover Quick Release Plate on the arm, made sure the laptop mount would go on. No problem, it slips right over the hook and loop. I then attached the hook and loop to my Cell Phone’s hard shell ‘holster’ and went ahead and did the attachment! Voila, mounted phone that can take a lot of bumps in the car and vibration of driving. It’s really durable, so I can use it as GPS when driving around outside this summer. My chair is now like a cop car! Another thing being really cool is that I have a satchel on my headrest with two Power Packs that I have my phone plugged into, one at a time. Both power packs will run me  for 12-16 hours of time before I even touch the phone’s battery! Now that is power! I can take a power outage any day! I used this mount at the Chicago Auto Show to index images and send texts during the show. You’ll see more of it in my photos from the show and news from the show below.

A picture of me with the FIAT girl

A picture of me with the FIAT girl

Wednesday, we woke up and headed out the door to the Chicago Auto Show 2012 Press Preview day one, out of the house early and back late in the evening I shot a whopping 190 something photos. They are all accessed by clicking the photo above. No the girl or leather suit unfortunately do not come with the purchase of a FIAT car. I was hoping that it was buy a car get a custom suit to go with it deal. Oh well. There’s heaps of photos and two videos that I did similar to the Chicago Auto Show 2011  VOLT interview

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