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Veterinarian conclusion

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:38pm
Sorry to leave everyone hanging about Nala's visit to the vet yesterday but I did not have the energy to finish the blog. First of all Nala is fine, she had her yearly appointment with the veterinarian to get her shots. While we were there I talked to the vet about her arthritis and he prescribed a medication that she will take every day. The bandage on her leg was from the blood test to check the enzymes in her liver and for heartworm. The real excitement came on the way out of the vet's office.

It was just starting to rain and I wanted to take Nala outside to go potty after being inside the vet's office for so long. I left Beth at the counter to wait for her medication and pay the $190 fee. After taking Nala to pee we ran over to the van and drop the lift. I unhooked Nala from my wheelchair and gave her the command "in car", she jumped up onto the back seat out of the rain. At the exact time my body went into a spasm and threw me completely to my left side, with my head now looking directly at my left wheel (upside down sitting in my wheelchair).

That's when the sky began to open and the rain really started coming down in buckets. So there I am upside down looking at my left wheel trying to recover which is impossible without trunk control. The rain is completely soaking me, water is running in my nose (now I know what waterboarding feels like). That's when I had the strangest thought of all, a Bill Murray quote from Caddy shack (I would keep playing your eminence, I don't think the hard stuff is going to come down for quite some time). So that made me laugh.

About 15 minutes later I'm still there (quads tend to stay where you put them) when I hear Beth say "hey are you all right" No I am definitely not All Right.... help. Being bent in half and almost drowning is really hard on the respiratory system and I found out later I had a huge brush burn on my left side from my chest strap (a lot of good that chest strap did). It was the longest 15 minutes I spent in sometime and hope not to experience again for a while.

I know today will be better at least the sun is shining and I'm relatively vertical.
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