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Urology update and medical orders

Posted Jul 08 2009 10:05am
Blood pressure cuffs. TORTURE FOR AN AUTISTIC. I WANT THEM!!!

Blood pressure cuffs. TORTURE FOR AN AUTISTIC. I WANT THEM!!!


Tonight’s post might be a bit pissier than the rest, the reason is, the topic is UROLOGY. Today we went to my new Urologist, very good doctor though he lacked bedside manners and bedside humor, it’s like god lighten up and take some humor. Anyway he ordered some testing to further evaluate my urological issue of my bladder being so f***ing huge and this time the testing will be a LOT easier. Today I had some blood work done by an awesome phlebotomist, followed my instruction, use my antecubital in my elbow, use a small gauge needle, I might have a big vein, but I am still sensitive to blowing veins and make sure to put the tourniquet on TIGHT to make the vein close to the skin. The blood drawing was easy, afterwards I went over for an X-Ray to see how my abdomen and bowels are functioning, it’s called a KUB X-Ray in urologists terms because they usually pay attention to the kidneys, ureters, and bladder. I saw my cute and snuggly X-Ray tech James there but Tammy wasn’t there today, oh well, hopefully I will see her soon. This Friday morning I will be having an ultrasound taken of my bladder and pee stick before I pee, during my pee, and after I pee this is an alternative to the Urodynamics like I had at CMH. We stopped in at the rehab desk and have a priority visit with my Rehab Physician for next wednesday. I updated the orders chart to reflect all these changes!

I also took some behind the scenes photos in the office and with James, God all those blood pressure cuffs were tempting. I so wanted to take one. for the Pressure of course. And mom was right next to one, TORTURE I TELL YOU!!!, for an autistic at least.

I have Downgraded the Muscle Biopsy to low priority. The Urodynamics study has been DELETED.

  • Urology visit <DEAD> (DONE)
  • Kidney Blood Tests <DEAD> (DONE)
  • KUB X-Ray <DEAD> (DONE)
  • Urodynamic Ultrasound <ACTIVE> (Friday July 10th 9:30 AM)
  • Autism / Neurodiagnostic Results <ACTIVE> (Friday July 10th 12:00 PM)
  • Priority Rehab Physician Visit <ACTIVE ULCER> (Wednesday July 15th 3:00 PM)
  • Occupational Therapy eval (monitor disease progression) <ACTIVE> (1:00 PM Tuesday July 14th)
  • New wheelchair (evaluation / ordering) <ACTIVE> (2:00 PM Thursday July 16th)
  • CT head & spine w/o contrast and with contrast (repeat due to 1 year passing since last CT series) (IP/OP) <WAIT SCHEDULING>
  • Pulse Oximeter (ordered by pulmonary) <ACTIVE> [JUSTIFICATION PEND]
  • ETCO2 monitor (ordered by pulmonary) <ACTIVE>[JUSTIFICATION PEND]
  • Muscle Biopsy – See if there is a muscular dystrophy or other disease directly affecting the muscle such as progressive rhabdmyolysis. (Live – To be scheduled) (OP / IP at doctors discretion)<WAIT SCHEDULING>
  • Toxicology panels (drug & standard) – See if disease caused by toxic mutagenic agent (OP) <INACTIVE>[WAIT FOR BETTER INSURANCE]
  • Echocardiogram (repeat due to 1 year passing since last ECHO) (IP)<WAIT SCHEDULING>

are also waiting on a few other things to be ordered after the completion of these, the next order batch is. All of the below are considered dead until converted to live orders.

  • Pulmonary Functions Test (monitor respiratory status) <WAIT 3 MONTHS.. OCT-NOV 09)
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