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Treatment for interior scar tissue of the elbow

Posted by jtw

I broke my elbow 3 years ago and have undergone two surgeries. I have full use of my arm and hand but scar tissue has acted like cotton candy and wrapped my joint to "keep it safe" but has limited my range of motion to only 90 degrees.  After both surgeries I had intense PT 4 times a week and massage twice a week, but by the forth and fifth month the arm slowly lost range.  I still work on it but I know from the second surgery my surgeon said the scar tissue was like leather and I would never have broken thru it to get my range back.  I am not going to do another surgery, since i feel lucky that my nerves were not effected, and that could happen if i chance a third surgery.  

 My treatments included radio waves...deep heat.....and on a large machine that pushed and pulled my arm.  Has anyone heard of some type of treatment that may slowly "melt" this type of scar tissue?  

 Thanks is advance!

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