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Trach zapped (again), infection clearing up, no doctor. migrated to new server, throat oddity, and new business cards!

Posted Mar 25 2011 12:00am
Zapped and healing up. Steroid and Antibiotic

Zapped and healing up. Steroid and Antibiotic

Well well well, looks like I found some easily zappable granulation tissue on my trach site and so I took the silver nitrate to it like dad did. My trach feels much better. The infection is clearing up. Which I am really happy about. I bought more Silver Nitrate over the counter and am waiting for that to arrive. This will be such a release of burden off of Doc Walner’s shoulders not having to have me in the office for whenever I get granulation tissue as for some reason my body produces quite a bit of it around my tracheostomy tube, then again for the first 1.5 years I had my G-Tube I had granulation tissue and then my body finally gave up on trying to reject the tube. I am really hoping the trach does the same as all this granulation tissue is quite irritating. Literally. I started up some steroid cream to hopefully shrink the other side down and eliminate it, if not I am going to have to do Silver Nitrate again.

At least some good news is coming, the infection I believe has given up, now it’s just site irritation from it being zapped and messed with that is causing it to look red in that one area, especially since that is the side I did the Silver Nitrate on.

I canceled the doctor appointment yesterday cause I was and still am too groggy to do much let alone go out. And drive my wheelchair without ruining walls in the office.

We are now on the new server (Have been since 3 AM Central Time) and it should be better, and faster.

My throat suddenly fixed

My throat suddenly fixed

My throat was hurting yesterday so in went lots of tea, and soup, and Vitamin C, and Acai. I am happy to report it is getting eons better, will probably be normal when I wake up, Well when I woke up today and my throat was NORMAL.

I slept with my headrest Mel2 today and she was so relaxing for me, I slept great!

Now some business’y news.

My websites besides my main

My websites besides my main

So thats that. I look forward to church tomorrow and taking my new cards with me and being able to hand out a real phone number that actually works along with some tweaked looks of the card. The card is never going to change its picture on the front tough!


Sorry for the double E-Mails everyone!

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