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trach lays off thousands of staph, dropped off the computer, my room is a walk in fridge. NRS Neoprene lasts LONG. and stats

Posted Oct 19 2010 12:00am

Staphhing for the fall season in school? LOL

Staph layoffs begin at my trach. LOL

In good news today the Tracheostomy site is beginning a massive layoff of Staph members.. *cough* I am trying to be funny, it’s got another staph colonization, does not mean it is INFECTED, but if it stays colonized it will infect. So here we go we are doing the Bactroban jig again for 7 days twice a day. It’s not severe so it’s not much to worry about. Meh.

We also went to CDW and dropped off my computer, we picked it up Saturday and it wouldn’t display it’s Serial Number, Battery Status, and the Wi-Fi chip was shot, another motherboard. This time they are filing the motherboard as DOA (Dead On Arrival) so the new one does not count as a claim on my insurance. Either way in value of repairs 7000+ dollars is being pushed into that machine as of tomorrow so it is a 3000 dollar machine, if it was a car it is as of tomorrow Totalled and one third, possibly more being the fact I clumsily DROPPED it breaking the screen connecting cable, LCD should be fine cause I was able to get the backlight to flicker with the cable just partially working before I totally broke the cable trying to fix it, oh well. So either I am getting a whole new screen (doubt it as I see screen cables available online) or I am getting a new cable. Hopefully I get just the cable cause there is a limit to the point they will consider the laptop Totalled in their eyes and I will get a check for replacement value… whatever that is! I JUST WANT MY DATA, so if for some reason I do need to get the replacement I am going to have them allow me to come in and do my last deed with the hard drive of cloning the ENTIRE drive and partition map to a new drive. Right now this little hackintosh runs a clone of the mac partition.

Livin La-Vida Fridga (A rip on Livin La-Vida Loca) Ok whatever, my room ever since we got the AC fix arranged and since I fixed the vent has been like a REFRIGERATOR at night, I close the door to go to sleep and WHAMMO the temperature starts dropping big, last night it was 70 when I closed the door, 30 minutes later my ICU monitors low temperature alarm was going off at 64 and 1 hour later it settled at 62 degrees, GEESH! I slept with my lead apron on, then it warmed up a bit in the early morning hours so I took my lead off and switched to sleeping with my Neoprene shirt on which is what I talk about in the next section of this mega blog post

Minor tears and mutation... my fault sort of.

Minor tears and mutation... my fault sort of.

In this photo you notice that there are some “spots” of the Neoprene torn off and also that the Mystery logo transferred somewhat. this is a result of improper storage, rolled up and folded and stuffed between my mattress and the bed cause I am lazy. It’s the folding that the Neoprene don’t like so I’ll try pure rolling at this point. If that produces issues I’ll have to hang it somewhere. Anyways that’s a follow up to my Neoprene shirt that Nancy K. got me a little over 3 years ago! I say thats some pretty good performance for what I have put this thing through! It’s still in usable condition and I expect it to be so for at least another year or two. Keep it up NRS, ya make good stuff!

Alinssite stats Sept 2010

Alinssite stats Sept 2010

slight downtrend in overall visits but slight uptrend in unique visitors in september. which is good.

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