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Trach infected or seriously irritated… AGAIN

Posted Apr 08 2010 12:00am

Red again, seriously irritated or minor infection

Red again, seriously irritated or minor infection

I am really getting tired of all these problems with my trach site, it could be the trach tube its self causing problems, thus the idea of switching to a smaller sized Bivona TTS trach is in the cards as I only inflate my cuff at night anyway. My friend Kira uses a 5.0 Bivona and she gets by with it quite well! But the trach changes weekly could culminate other problems for me. Thus it is something to be considered. ANYWAY, back to the reason of this post. Either my trach site has gotten really irritated from not sleeping without the cervical collar and sleeping in odd positions OR it is infected again, either are possible but more likely it is severe irritation as a result of faulty positioning but we are NOT taking chances. My doctor prescribed Bactroban ointment to clear it up and hasten healing if it is just irritation, its a protectant / antibiotic cream. We will see in 5 days if it improves or not, no improvement and it’s off to the office! I think I will probably use the C-Collar for that 5 day period too, as it is our acute irritation prevention device, long term we are working with pillows and stuff to hasten proper positioning.

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