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Trach countdown post, what happened? So long Farewell, Anesthesia remix, And a new wheelchair, Missed stats

Posted Jan 16 2013 12:00am

You all are probably wondering WTF happened to your trach countdown post.

Well I am going to be brief cause I am tired cause I was up at 10:00 AM yesterday after not sleeping well, why I was up, well you will find out.

Anyway my trach change is rescheduled to THIS FRIDAY because I was sick with a throat and sinus infection. I am now on Omnicef and feeling better.

Now we move on to some good news.

I made yet another one of my remixes of a old song. Lets try So Long Farewell from The Sound of Music

I made Sound of Anesthesia So Long Farewell.

Quickie Iris looking me in the Irises

Quickie Iris looking me in the Irises

Now in other news and this is BIG news. I got myself an awesome wheelchair headed my way. Your probably thinking wait, you already have a great Permobil power wheelchair what do you need another wheelchair for. Key here is, what about the days my condition is so bad, or my pain is so bad, that I can’t safely operate my Permobil? Oh and lets see here, which is more logical to take on a plane, a 50 pound mechanical wheelchair that is damn near unbreakable or a $40,000 power wheelchair that has a crap heap of breakable electronic parts on it and weighs 300 pounds. Let’s face it, manual wheelchairs are a LOT more favorable than power wheelchairs in terms of being able to travel via air. I hear horror stories about power wheelchairs all the time, but manual wheelchairs, the odd or end here and there.

In addition it has an awesome headrest, even has a switch on it and everything already on board, my rehab technology specialist said he will be able to force Medicare into paying for seating and some ‘rennovations’ to the chair but there was no way Medicare would touch ordering a whole chair for me. See Medicare’s belief is once you have a power wheelchair if you switch to a manual then thats what your in for the rest of your life, you can’t have both. That totally goes against my belief of having guaranteed mobility even in the absence of power. Like, what would I do if an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) weapon were used and fried my computer and power wheelchair? No problem-o with the Iris as its all mechanical. The switch I will hook up to my speech device when I need it.

Anyway some of you probably want to see what it looks like when I win an eBay auction for something I have needed and wanted for quite some time. Something that will give me the freedom to now have the option of AIR TRAVEL at my fingertips. I bring you a Youtube video of the last 45 seconds of the auction and me excitedly hitting 140+ for my heart rate. Enjoy!

Remember, Rett Syndrome is a DEGENERATIVE PROGRESSIVE condition, my CP only makes it worse. Any donation helps. This being said I NEED money to pay off the debt that this has placed our air conditioner fund in. I had to withdraw money from the air conditioner funds to pay for the wheelchair $600 out of $1000. I need to put that money back and then some. We need to garner $7000 in that account to be able to pay for the air conditioning and furnace.

The wheelchair will arrive on or before The 25th therefore be ready for an excited untrucking video and untrucking photos. it’s going to be parked over where my permobil used to be parked, so yeah my room about to become cluttered again with wheelchairs. Oh well, that’s life living with a degenerative condition.

If every one who views this blog post were to donate ONE DOLLAR I would garner in one month enough to pay for the chair and the air conditioning system! My site garners about 8000 views per month.

Speaking of which I missed a bunch of months worth of statistics, so heres the whole last year to date

Year to date statistics Dec 2012

Year to date statistics Dec 2012

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