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Trach Countdown, heap of videos, loads of photos coming

Posted May 13 2013 12:00am

Alright, you know what time it is. It’s trach time, which means, time for a countdown.


11:30 AM today is when I will be going into the O.R according to the schedule.


To go with the tradition I decided to throw together a new song, Owl City Good Time, in the OR.

Heres the video.

countdown now

Alright now moving on to older stuff in chronological order.

Well here it is, on April 11 2013 at 9:22 PM my Ham Radio was officially christened as was my Call Signs maiden voyage. Listen to the maiden voyage above as I talk to some guys on the radio!

Moving along, sometime in april I am so damn backlogged I did some Nascar with Shawn, below is the heap of videos that were taped.

We keep moving and Later in April like the 18th or third Thursday I forgot, All I know is third thursday I gave a presentation at the ham radio club meeting on disabled hams. It was really cool. Original slides and crap are accessible on the Youtube link

About a week later or so I played Grand Theft Auto IV with Shawn and we made some seriously good crashes, here we have a bunch of cars all blow up at the same time! Yeah!

I love playing this casino system called Reel Deal Live, and I won a big assed hand pay. Here it is!

If only that were real money…

We move on now.

Last monday I went to a huge antique car guys place. chicago vintage motor carriage. They have well over 50 cars. We will be going back to shoot more video and pictures. Heres a video dad took inside of Princess Diana’s ROLLS ROYCE!

After there we went downtown cause we were just a tiny bit ways away. So I decided lets go all the way. I came across a curb between me and a good photo shoot opportunity. So I made a video showing the true power under a Permobil’s hood.

After that we had to go to Buckingham Fountain but to get there we had to cross a six lane street… Remind you of a video game, Perhaps… Frogger? I thought so, so I taped a little impression.

This is like a professional steadicam shot walk around of Buckingham Fountain but it’s just me driving my wheelchair. This is an awesome drive around of the entire fountain to classical music. If you cant be here then watch it in Dolby Digital audio.

I made a little GTA IV anthem with Amanda my friend in England, she did most of it I did some of it.

Alright so thats a good pile of videos for y’all to go through, that should hold you over till I get the 600+ photos done!

Oh and as for what will power my phone today, that was unboxed and is in this video


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