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Too many diagnoses need to talk

Posted Aug 05 2010 7:52am

Well, since 20 years ago I was diagnosed having D.I.D. from severe childhood trauma.  Which caused many physical disabilites.

My Daughters' do not support me.  I am recently divorced from an abusive

relationship.  This has been only 3 years.  People sometimes looks at a person with problems, and automatically decide they are crazy, and are named.. with Bipolar, or Depression, and other names.

I am not my disease.  I wish my daughters' would understand why I don't get out of my apartment.  I am trying to work on myself, who I am, what I like, what makes me happy.  This is hard, because of all the abuse I endured.  I guess I have to re program myself with positive thoughts.

I have chronic Pancreatitis, fibro, carpul tunnel in both hands, low B 12 and low Vitamin D.  Depression, anxieties, fears, especially being all alone for the first time in my life.  I pray all the time... How can a person who has so many things wrong with them feel comfortable around other people.

I am hoping that my councelor will continue to help me be "normal" whatever

normal is in this lifetime.

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