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Today its me. Tomorrow it could be YOU! (The invisible minority)

Posted Apr 23 2010 2:08pm

an article written by  Dave Breezy (A.K.A. Chairdozer)

There is a minority group that’s growing daily. One that anyone anywhere can join at anytime! (it only takes is 1/10th of a second!) Of course I’m talking about the disabled. We are The invisible minority! When you talk about the disabled, most people think of the elderly, accident victims, or people who have conditions like M.S. or M.D. ect. Not many realize that it CAN happen to anyone! Even YOU! (I’m living proof!) Until my accident, I was as able bodied as anyone. When I was in the hospital I met a guy who was sitting in a bar after work, sipping a beer, minding his own business, when a fight broke out. He was not involved. Someone swung something, missed their intended target, lost their grip, the object flew across the room, and hit him in the head causing brain damage. Now he can’t remember anything, including his own wife and 2 small children. He’s fine, except for the loss of his ability to remember. You can introduce yourself to him, and 2 minutes later he’ll ask who you are again. I also met a lady, crippled by a heart attack. Not unusual right? She was 23! Think about it. How many different ways can a person become disabled? I’m doing an informal poll. Disability doesn’t discriminate. It can & will take anybody. Man, woman, or child. Any race, color, age, or size. It truly CAN strike anyone, anywhere, at anytime. When I see someone shy away from the disabled I tell them, “Today it’s me. Tomorrow it could be YOU!” Ever since I can remember I was taught when I see someone who‘s disabled or “handicapped“ always remind myself “There but for the grace of God go I!“ You know what? They were right!

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