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The Visit to Dr. D's

Posted Oct 27 2009 5:09pm

The Visit to Dr. D’s

Preston was a little nervous to go to his eye doctor appointment today, because we did didn’t use the eye drops (Atropine drops). I had to assure him that it was mom’s and dad’s decision not to use them, and that the Dr. would not be disappointed with him concerning the drops.
While we were waiting for the Dr. to come in the room we took some pictures of the eye picture chart that he use to use, because when he was younger he didn’t know all his letters yet, so he would have to try and figure out what the pictures were. We wanted to send them to our illustrator; we also took some pictures of the Dr. With Preston during his eye visit to show people what the children go through during their visits.
Preston’s left eye didn’t get any better but it also didn’t get any worse. The good thing was that his eye didn’t continue to wander out! I was very happy to hear that! We did see a little bit of an increase in his good eye. I will take any good news!!
The Dr. tried to explain to Preston our goal from day one was to get his weak eye strong enough to be able to drive if anything where ever to happen to his good eye. I don’t like putting that out there! So we will continue to patch. I also still need to get those drops into his right eye! Because of Preston’s age it is getting really close to taking another look at the eye surgery. We will revisit that when we go back to see his Dr. in three months. I am very proud of Preston he has the determination to get his eye better.
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