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The now has over 1000 members

Posted Apr 22 2010 10:04pm

Hello everyone here at as many of you know along with this site I also created  a social networking community for the discussion of disability issues at . just recently went over 1000 members. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has joined the community and/or spread the word about it.

Also some of you may have heard that the platform this site was built on called Ning which let people build social networks for free is changing its business model eliminating the free portion of their service and promising to provide a better all-around service to network creators who are paying customers. For anyone who might be wondering whether will be changing or shutting down the answers no. I'm already paying Ning for premium services for use with the So the community is not going anywhere I put a whole lot of hard work and time into building this community together with the members and it is my strong belief that the community as a whole  can play an important role in raising disability awareness over time as well as providing support an information for everyone involved.

I'm doing everything I can to use as many resources social media and otherwise to increase understanding and raise awareness about disability issues. Thanks to everyone for their support in these efforts

You can also join the community's fan page on Facebook just press the "like button" near the top of the Facebook fan page to join.

Or just click the "like" button on the fan page box below


And please continue to spread the word about the to anyone who you feel might have an interest in disability issues


If you would like to support the production maintenance and growth of this community you can make a financial contribution by clicking on the PayPal button on this page:

any contributions financial or by spreading the word about this community would be very much appreciated

I hope everyone is doing well.
Thanks again everyone

Rudy Sims

Founder of


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