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The Baclofen Pump Code Red Auto Show Delayed code review.

Posted Feb 09 2013 12:00am

Wow, what a week. So this week was gonna be Baclofen pump refill week but last time I had it filled it was a total disaster and my other doctors wanted it done under General Anesthsia for the safety of me and everyone around me with my level of spasticity and autonomic dysreflexia. Let’s revisit that disaster. I went they stuck the needle in and missed the port and my heart rate raced up to 160+ and I went into a grand mal, sound fun? no. This is why we are doing it in th O.R today. But unfortunately scheduling it was such a bitch it ended up being a Code Red / Code Blue priority scheduling, remember my code key for the website. It’s below this post if you don’t

Anyway Monday we tried to reach the doctor and his office was very unresponsive, all the way till Yesterday. Then finally I started declaring emergency via the answering service and sure enough I got straight in touch with my great neurosurgon Dr. O’Leary, offices have a bad habit of DROPPING THE BALL. Anyway all that said after declaring emergency last night at 11:00 PM last night by 12:30 PM today my OR time was scheduled. 2:30 PM approximatly, can’t give a countdown because it’s not that kind of a ‘static’ time. It’s a dynamic emergency timing. Anything referring to Thu is yesterday. Anything with a plain time stamp is today.

Thu 8:35 PM – EMERGENCY DECLARED less than 24 hours to refill required time (Alarm time)
Thu 9:30 PM First call from O’Leary begin organizing operation
Thu 10:00 PM Confirmation it will be in the O.R Next Day if paperwork is gathered
10:00 AMish Collected paperwork from doctor for surgical clearance
12:20 PMish Confirmed booking time of 2:30 PM estimated time for O.R
3:35PM IN OR
4:28PM PHASE 1
5:03PM PHASE 2

All that said, the auto show stuff is further DELAYED and may not be released as late as WEDNESDAY

Code Review

CODE GREEN - This is probably a code we will NEVER see again. Code green used to be used when all was totally normal and absolutely no monitoring or at home procedures were needed. Since I am almost ALWAYS under some sort of monitoring and procedure this code is effectively considered retired and not our “Normal” code

CODE YELLOW - This is our “Normal” medical code. You WANT to see code yellow updates on the blog and site. Code yellow means standard monitoring and procedure is being followed and NO TYPE OF HIGH PRIORITY DOCTORS VISIT OR SURGERY IS SCHEDULED. ROUTINE DOCTOR VISITS MAY BE ASSIGNED A CODE RED TAG IF THEIR PRIORITY WARRANTS.

CODE RED - code red is a very difficult to use code. I mainly change to code red when a HIGH PRIORITY DOCTORS VISIT IS MADE and or when a surgery is PRIORITY SCHEDULED. CODE RED IS NOT FOR LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCIES AND OR EMERGENCIES OF NATURE WITH LESS THAN 24 HOURS TO SURGERY OR VISIT. i.e The Baclofen Pump story and its second surgery . In the case of The Baclofen Pump story that occurred within 24-48 hours and would be a CODE RED, the second surgery should have been but was not coded as a CODE BLUE.

CODE RED / BLUE – This is a very unusual code. This code is used for Convertible codes when a Code Red office visit (or surgery) may occur OR the code may convert to a full code blue. In the event of a conversion ONLY a blog post will be made, front page will NOT reflect the conversion, front page will still display CODE RED / BLUE. This code is a rarity

CODE BLUE - code blue is also a difficult code to use. it is EXCLUSIVELY reserved for EXTREMELY HIGH PRIORITY surgeries and or E.R visits or other things that require immediate attention (under 24 hours) a previous example of a code blue situation was the Second Emergency Baclofen Pump Surgery. It is also used obviously in life threatening situations.

Code Red will also have a suffix attached to it to signify priority, Code Red HIGH is for high priority and Code Red LOW is for something like right now with the cardiac pulmonary mess. No other codes will use a suffix

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