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Spring Break

Posted Oct 27 2009 5:09pm
Spring Break!

It is that time of the year; Preston is on spring break for 3 weeks. I told him that he would have to patch as much as possible while on spring break and take advantage of this time.
Unfortunately with school and activities we have not been patching as we should. I as his mother need to be on him about it. I am human and sometimes I do get upset with myself and say, how could have I forgotten to tell Preston to Patch. It makes me sad and I take on the responsibility of his eye getting better.
I have learned to say to myself its ok he will be just fine. Just have him put the patch on and see if you can have him extend the patching time.
Preston went to his physical yesterday and he had a great check up! He grew 6 inches in 2 years! Wow it looks like he is going to be tall. They did the hearing test and passed, and of course I had to say to him, Preston I Know you can hear me you passed the test. So when I tell you to clean your room you don’t have any excuses. I am sure he will find another excuse.
Preston is setting across from me in the office and he is trying to figure out what to write about in his journal. His Teacher Ms. Dey made him a journal and some topics that he could write about. He needs to practice. I just asked him what subject you would like to write about. He looked at me and said you know, and put his hand over his weak eye and than took off his glasses. So I asked him what is it to not have to patch your eye again. And he said no for my eye to get better. I said oh Preston it will get better soon each day you patch there will be a difference, keep it up! I know you’re tired of it, but it will be worth it. I just gave him a dollar for patching that his Mimi sent him.
Preston just decided that he wanted to write about aliens. He is now making his illustrations. It should be interesting. I love to listen to a Childs imagination. You can escape with them at times.
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