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SOPA/PIPA Blackout Over the protest, not over! Tonsil Stones…

Posted Jan 18 2012 12:00am


Just cause my website is no longer in blackout mode doesn’t mean that the highly flawed SOPA and its sister bill PIPA are halted. The worst thing is that Protect-IP (PIPA) is going for a vote on senate floor next week! My blog does not cover politics, because politics does not affect my life. But, if SOPA or PIPA pass, it will affect everyone’s life. Especially people like me who ‘live’ on the internet. So I will be giving some limited coverage on SOPA and PIPA. Mainly just the breaking news stuff. Hit and fill out the simple form to dispatch a letter to your senator to stop PIPA in it’s tracks. SOPA has been shelved for now so what we need to do is slaughter PIPA.

My Implements

My Implements

Today, I was supposed to get my Moob ultrasounded but my throat has been hurting for the last 3-5 days. And well I found out why it was hurting today. I had a tonsil stone! Also known as a tonsillith. Anyway-removing them can be easy or difficult, in my case it was a rather difficult removal. One that would have probably needed a in office removal. Well I decided to pop out my logic and get inventive, if you can pull out a foreign object with suction then why not a tonsillith that is caught in the craters and nooks and crannies of the tonsil? I took that theory to the suction machine and powered it up, 200 MMHG wasn’t enough to bring it to the surface, only enough to make my tonsil red and irritated. I cranked it up to 350 MMHG and the tonsillith moved, some blood came too but it moved and came to the surface! I then grasped it with the tweezers and pulled the whole thing out. My mom then said she had to use the Bathroom, and I said what bathroom, oh you mean you need to use the OR? I packed up my equipment and headed back to my room. It’s 8:30 as of writing this and my throat feels so much better!

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