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Soccer Mom

Posted Mar 27 2009 12:00am
Maggie is playing soccer on Sunday. There is a power wheelchair soccer clinic at Kezar Pavilion. If anyone reading this uses a power chair, join in. It is free and open to all power chair users. Maggie is a rookie, but I expect there will be many who actually know what they are doing.

There is one problem, though. The power chair Maggie uses is on the fritz. We are hoping that it is a battery issue and can be repaired.

Apparently they knew about the wheelchair issue a week or so ago, but due to a communication breakdown no one ever came to pick it up to repair it. I received a rather sheepish message from her Occupational therapist (OT) the other day. He explained that the chair was still at school and they did not have any way to get it to the Wheelchair shop. He wondered if there was any way I could transport it because I have the wheelchair van. As soon as I got the message, I called him back and assured his that was no problem.

It makes me laugh. Maggie gets services from every conceivable public agency. Every service is free of charge. We have a ton of expenses because of Maggie, but we do not have to pay for the services. They NEVER ask me to do anything. I offer when I remember, but generally, they take care of everything. My boys went to Catholic school, for which we paid considerable tuition. Parents understood that part of the deal involved parent involvement and volunteer hours. I was very active in both the grammar and high school parents associations and happily took part in several volunteer projects. Hence, I was a regular volunteer at the school of my two able bodied, typical developing sons and very rarely volunteer at Maggie’s school or any of the agencies. Strange. Now, if I'm gong to be a soccer mom, I have to get involved. I'm not bringing joice boxes, I'm bringing a 200lb power chair.

Of course, the agencies are not really set up for it and the school does not really reach out to the parents of the most involved kids. That is not an excuse, merely an explanation. When I arrived at school to pick up the chair I assured Cliff, the OT, and all the other adults in the room to hesitate to ask me to do anything. After 14 years at Catholic schools, I am well trained in volunteering.

Yesterday I loaded up the power chair and drove it downtown to the repair shop. I have to head back down there today and hope it is fixed. Maggie might have a future in power wheelchair soccer. Of course, she is still learning the use of the chair so the speed is set very low.

That’s ok; she can do the super slo-mo replays.

Have a great weekend.
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