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So Many Words!

Posted Nov 11 2007 12:00am
At Avery's 18 month check up she was using about 25 real words, and I meant to sit down and write them all down before she got more, and I never did, and know she has so many words I don't know whether I can remember them all to write down!! But I'm going to try. Except, of course, I know I'm not going to be able to put them all down in order of when she started saying them. Here goes....
Mummy, Daddy, hi, hello, bye, bye bye, thank you, shoes, nose, eye, mouth, ear, hair, face, head, tummy, bottom, knee, foot, feet, toes, hand, boo, one, two, (she can say three, four and five, but I'm not sure that she knows what they mean yet), teeth, tongue, cheek, there, this, that, all done, hold on, table, I need, no (a favourite right now...), yes, potty, poop, wheee, bath, clean, water, juice, milk, more, cracker, cookie, banana, apple, bread, toast, uh oh, Grandma, amen, Jesus, man, girl, boy, baby, colour, Kayla, Claire, ball, walker, walk, socks, door, up, down, up-and-down, row row, boat, twinkle, star, piano, chair, crayon, book, read, dog, cat, cow, horse, duck, bird, bee, chicken, snake, frog, sheep, giraffe, owl, puppy, penguin, pig, monkey, moo, woof, meow, neigh, quack, tweet, squeak, bzzzz, sssssss, hooohooo, rrrrrrrib (as in ribbit for frog - one of our favourites!), baa, elmo, car, truck, brum brum, wheel, fan, light, on, off, sit, lion, roar, outside, tv, tree, grass, flower (she calls them "sarah" - it's hilarious!), blow, bubble, touch, hot, cold, gone, See You, eat, food, yum, twist, push, squeeze.....

That's all I can think of right now...I'm sure I'm forgetting some. It's a lot of fun though! She's also singing a lot these days, and can sing quite a lot of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", which is super cute. She's so much fun!
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