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Should I seek professional help for memory issues since brain surgery (and how) or should I just find a way to live with it?

Posted by Gumfoot

After a temporal lobectomy four years ago, I have battled with memory issues that I tried to deny and assumed were medication related but I have tested my medication and found that I definitely cannot blame my medication for this memory issue. My rent is due at the end of January and I have no idea how I have been getting my rent cheques to my landlord. I need a haircut but it is clear to me that I have no idea where I have been going to get my hair cut. These are not life threatening issues as I can go to any barber or stylist and get my hair cut and I can track down my landlord and hand this person an envelop full of cheques but that doesn't hide the fact that I have no idea how I have been doing these things since my surgery. I also have no idea when my grandmother passed away and whether or not I went to her funeral. The same thing with my aunt. I know she passed away but I do not know when or whether I went to her funeral or not. If I did not go to the funeral of my grandmother or my aunt then I have a lot more questions. My concern is that I may have more serious issues that have not yet surfaced that could be affecting others negatively and I don't know if I should be seeking professional help for this and if so, how? It has detrimentally affected my career as well. I used to be a software developer and systems analyst but I returned to work after my surgery obviously confused about the systems I developed and worked on and this did not sit well with my bosses as they looked to me for information I seemed unable to remember. Should I seek help for this or just find a way to live with it?
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Is your case being followed by a neurologist?  It seems as if you are having some major post-operative problems that have been going on for a while.  Has your condition worsened recently?  The issues that you are describing seem pretty extreme and I'm assuming that you've been able to cope to some extent up to now.  Have you have any kind of cognitive rehabilitation following your surgery?  You should definitely consult with your medical doctor to look into what resources are available in your area for you.

 Good luck.

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