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SEVO Today, Buckingham Fountain Saturday, last Friday got dumdum’s 21 dollar salute!

Posted Jul 23 2012 12:00am

(clock removed cause it’s done!)
See that clock above, you all know what that means. It’s SEVO day for my Trach Change today! I would have got this done yesterday but I fell asleep last night.

a HDR closeup of the head end

a HDR closeup of the head end

Saturday, night was exhausting for me and owed to me not getting much done Sunday and being hard to get things done Sunday evening but I finally got all 100 photos up on Flickr. Click the photo above to go view them. I had a wonderful time with dad, but I forgot my Valium to go to sleep at 1 AM Sunday Morning and ended up going to sleep at 6 AM. Last night I took it on time and collapsed in bed cause of how exhausted I was still from Saturday night. To those of you who call us people in wheelchairs lazy, there is still quite a bit of calorie and energy usage especially when out in public. With spasticity like mine just sitting in my wheelchair I still burn about 2,000+ calories in a day. So don’t call us people lazy!

Now I wish there was a carrier truck outside

Now I wish there was a carrier truck outside

Twenty-one gun salute’s 21 man salute’s 21 is an often-used number it’s also the legal drinking age and gambling age. I will be heading on August 8th at approximately 4:30 PM to Rivers Casino in Des Plaines to eat at the buffet and grab a little bit of bloody mary, the real kind with a hit of vodka in it. Then do some gambling. Drink and gamble all in one night, yeah let’s use those legal rights! Anywho my dumdum in PA decided to instead of doing a 21 gun salute or any of that send me a 21 dollar salute, how is that done. Put a 20 and a one in a card. Voila, 21 dollar salute! Thank’s dumdum!

Off to get ready for trach change, I’ll have a nerdlog!

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