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Seizures - 1 Medication - 0

Posted Oct 05 2010 12:00am

In the last 10 days, Ashley has had an MRI under anesthesia to check for tumors on her brain stem and spine, and she had her 6 month checkup with the neurologist. She and I have both been very busy trying to figure out why we are seeing an increase in the number of seizures she has each day.

Ashley is on four different seizure meds - Depakene, Trileptal, Keppra and Topamax. Yet she was still having 3-4 seizures a day. About a month ago those numbers went up to 6-8.

Her seizures are not usually bad - just lasting 45-60 seconds each. She seems to be able to tell when one is starting, and she will get herself to a safe position, not allowing herself to fall once the seizure gets underway. Afterwards, rarely is she sleepy. In fact, she is often in a much better mood - almost like the seizure cleared some of the fogginess from her brain.

But, she has had life=threatening seizures in the past, and with each of the not-too-severe ones she has, I think back to the times when things were really bad. So, I keep a close eye on her seizures, a close check on her meds, and schedule frequent MRIs.

The good news today is that the most recent MRI did not reveal any tumors on her spine or brain stem. She still has three on her brain, but they are not growing and don't need to be removed at present.

The news from the neurologist wasn't quite as good. Since the four current medications are allowing the seizures to become more frequent, he is adding a fifth one. It is a new medication called Vimpat. I need to do some research on it, but he listed one of the side effects as sleepiness. I'm not wild about that. I'm also not wild about her being on 5 medications...

So that's the Ashley update for now. If anyone has any experience with Vimpat, I would love to hear it.
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